How to win with Golf Giveaways

It couldn’t be easier for golfers to win exclusive, cutting edge, and luxury prizes from amazing brands with Golf Giveaways, the original golf giveaway company.

1) Pick a competition you want to enter

Simply browse all competitions to find products, bundles, or big-ticket items you want to win. Once you have found a competition you want to enter simply add that entry to your cart.

2) Answer the qualifying question

Make sure you answer the qualifying question for any competition you want to enter. Golf Giveaways is a skill-based competition website so only correct answers will qualify for the draw.

3) Choose how many entries you want

Choose how many entries you want. A maximum of 20 entries are available per person for each competition.

4) Go to checkout and complete payment

Once you chosen all of your competition entries, go to checkout and make payment. All forms of payment are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, GooglePay and many others.

5) You will receive an email confirmation of your entries

Congratulations. You’ve now entered competitions to win exclusive and luxury equestrian products at a fraction of retail prices.

6) Share with your friends and both receive rewards to spend on competitions

Share EquestrianGiveaways with your friends and family and both of you will receive rewards to spend on competitions.

7) Join us for the live draw to find out if you’re a winner!

Join us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to watch the live draw and to find out if you’re a winner. Like and share to be entered into free prize draws for limited edition items.